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Ancient Art of Coffee Cup Reading

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Discover the ancient art of coffee cup reading (tasseography) to gain spiritual insights.


  • Gain Clarity: Understand relationships and personal growth.
  • Enhance Intuition: Deepen your inner wisdom.
  • Find Validation: Receive reassurance on your spiritual journey.
  • Embrace Tradition: Join a rich cultural heritage.

How to Receive a Reading:

  1. How to Receive a Coffee Cup Reading:

    1. Set the Intention: Approach your coffee cup reading with an open mind and a receptive heart. Set the intention to receive meaningful insights and trust the process of divination.

    2. Enjoy the Experience: Relax and enjoy sipping your coffee and engaging in conversation with the reader. Be open to the symbols and messages that emerge, and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of the cup.

    Coffee Cup Reading: Step-by-Step Guide

    What You'll Need:

    • Any finely blended coffee
    • A white cup and saucer, like the Latte Cup and Saucer
    • A traditional Turkish coffee pot

    Cup Preparation:

    1. Sip from the cup at a casual pace.
    2. Leave a small amount of coffee in the cup and swirl it gently to loosen the sediments.
    3. Quickly flip the cup set upside down to allow the sediments to settle on the saucer.
    4. Take pictures from all around the cup and email them to us with your name and date of birth.

    Note: Following these steps ensures clear and readable patterns for a successful coffee cup reading experience.

    Email Us Your Questions: Send us your 10 questions, and you will receive the answers via email. Nothing will be shipped.



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