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Bone Throwing Readings

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Bone Throwing: Ancient Divination

Bone throwing, or bone reading, is a centuries-old divination method used to gain insights into the past, present, and future by casting bones, shells, or stones.

Benefits of Bone Throwing:

Ancient Wisdom: Tap into ancestral knowledge and spiritual traditions.

Spiritual Guidance: Gain clarity on love, career, health, and more by revealing hidden truths and patterns.

Intuition Development: Enhance your intuitive abilities and trust your inner wisdom.

Personal Empowerment: Encourages self-reflection, reminding you of your power to shape your destiny.

Holistic Understanding: Provides a comprehensive view of energies at play for deeper insights.

Healing and Transformation: Identify and release blockages, fostering growth and positive change.

Incorporate bone throwing into your spiritual practice for guidance, empowerment, and healing.

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