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Proper Way to Dispose of Spiritual Candles

When it comes to disposing of leftover spiritual candles, spell candles, or spell ingredients, it's common to feel some anxiety or uncertainty. Knowing the best way to dispose of these items without jeopardizing the results of your work is important. Here are some tips to help you dispose of your spiritual candles and other magical items respectfully and effectively.

General Disposal Tips

  1. Gratitude: Once your candle has burned out, it's important to express gratitude. Thank your spiritual guides, the universe, or any other entities you worked with during your spell.

  2. Cleansing: Cleanse the outside of your candle and any related items (like magic paper) with holy water or another cleansing agent of your choice. This helps to neutralize any lingering energies.

  3. Disposal Methods: Depending on the purpose of your spell, there are different ways to dispose of the remnants:

Specific Disposal Methods

  • Fixed/Spell Candles:
    • Simplest Method: After cleansing, place the remnants (glass candle, magic paper) in a white trash bag and dispose of it in your regular trash.

    • Burial: For a more intentional approach, you can bury the items in specific locations based on the type of spell:

    • Love Drawing: Bury or leave in your backyard to keep your lover or partner close to you.

    • Money Drawing: Bury or leave at a bank to attract financial abundance.

    • Road Opener: Bury or leave at a crossroads to ensure open pathways and opportunities.

    • Domination: Bury or leave in front of your home or a church. If you have good intentions, a church is appropriate. For negative intentions, bury at home.

    • Evil Eye Protection: Bury or leave in front of your home for ongoing protection.

    • Fertility: Bury or leave near a hospital's labor and delivery area to encourage safe delivery or to manifest a pregnancy.

    • Separation: Bury or leave at a cemetery. Pay the cemetery for disposal or leave it near the person's house you wish to separate from.

    • Triple Action: Bury or leave at a cemetery. Pay for disposal or throw it in your enemy's yard.

    • 7 Chakra: Bury or leave in front of your home or a church to bring peace.

    • Come To Me: Bury or leave in your backyard to keep your lover close.

    • Peaceful Home: Bury or leave in front of your home or a church to bring peace.

Additional Disposal Methods

  • Burning: For paper items like magic papers or petition papers, you can burn them and scatter the ashes in a natural body of water or the wind, ensuring they are carried away.

  • Water: Some items, especially those related to cleansing and purification, can be disposed of in running water like a river or ocean. Ensure this is environmentally safe.

  • Recycling: If the glass from candles can be recycled, cleanse it thoroughly and place it in your recycling bin.

  • Giving Back to Nature: Items like herbs or natural components can be returned to the earth by burying them in your garden or a nearby forest.

By following these methods, you can dispose of your spiritual candles and magical items respectfully, ensuring the energies are properly returned to the universe without affecting the results of your work.

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