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 In the realm of Hoodoo magic, various oils are employed for specific intents, including those seeking retribution or justice. These oils, infused with potent herbal essences and imbued with focused intention, are utilized to influence circumstances, provoke change, or counteract negative energies. Here's a curated list of oils commonly associated with revenge or justice in Hoodoo practices:

African Juju Oil: Utilized to influence a person's nature, this oil is often employed alongside the 23rd Psalm, invoking desired outcomes. It's most effective during a waxing moon phase.

Banishing Oil: When needing to compel someone to depart from your life, this oil is used to cast spells for that purpose.

Bat’s Blood: Inflicts misfortune and downfall upon enemies, causing tension, confusion, and havoc. Typically used to create hexes or dress juju and dolls for similar purposes. Best used on black candles.

Bat’s Eye Oil: Primarily utilized in break-up spells, this oil can be potent and dangerous, particularly if real bat's eye is used. Extreme caution is advised, as it involves working with potentially harmful spirits.

Bat’s Heart Oil: A potent dark magic oil aimed at creating tension and strife in the life of the target. It causes emotional upheaval and instability, leading to eventual relationship termination. Sprinkle on items like shoes or clothing to sow discord and disharmony.

Black Art: Employed for crossing and hexing enemies, this powerful oil is strategically placed where adversaries are likely to touch it. Often used in candle spells, it grants dominance over enemies but should be handled with care due to its potent scent.

Black Cat Oil: Employed in conjunction with a Black Cat candle to induce confusion in enemies. This oil is multifaceted, serving to break hexes and provide protection during magical rites. It's particularly effective in reversing a streak of bad luck by redirecting it to its source. Best crafted right before the Dark Moon, preferably on a Saturday, it's applied to black candles for the purpose of reversing or breaking a hex and sending it back to the sender.

Black Devil Oil: A potent black magic oil utilized to induce impotence and prevent unfaithfulness. Application involves rubbing the oil on the shoes of the targeted individual. Additionally, a few drops in their food can be effective, though caution is advised to avoid overuse, which may yield unintended effects.

Black Musk Oil: An exceptionally powerful oil for black magic spells, albeit challenging to procure.

Break Up Oil: Designed to sever relationships, marriages, or friendships, often employed in conjunction with image candles.

Confusion Oil: Utilized to sow confusion among enemies, this oil is sprinkled where adversaries are likely to touch or step on it.

Crossing Oil: Inflicts misfortune upon enemies, typically applied by burning it on a black candle inscribed with the enemy's name, resulting in bad luck for the target.

Damnation Oil: Utilized to bring great distress and bad luck upon enemies, this oil is employed to cause terrible misfortune. Caution is advised when using Damnation Oil due to its potent effects.

Devil Oil: Employed in spellcasting to invoke the aid of the devil, this oil is also utilized in necromancy spells.

Double Cross Oil: Worn to confuse enemies or bring them bad luck and misfortune.

D.U.M.E (Death/Destruction Under My Enemies or Do Unto My Enemies) Oil, also known as Black List: Used in conjunction with a candle of the same name, or with a black or image candle, this oil causes bad luck and possibly death. Primarily used in death spells and curses, extreme caution is advised due to the potential for serious backlash if not used properly.

Exodus Oil: Effective when desiring for someone to lose their job.

Gypsy Blood Oil: Causes a troublesome neighbor to uproot and move away when sprinkled on their doorknob.

Haitian Voodoo Oil: Employed to cross an enemy, this oil is sprinkled around their house and doorstep, or anointed on parchment with their name using nine drops of oil.

Hexing Oil: Induces enemies to beg for forgiveness and brings great misery and bad luck upon them, causing them to submit.

Inflammatory Confusion Oil: A black magic spiritual oil that confuses enemies.

Jezebel Oil: Mixed with D.U.M.E oil to create a powerful blend for getting even with enemies.

Jinx Black Oil: Used to cause harm to enemies.

Job Breaker Oil: Sprinkled around a person's workplace when desiring for them to lose their job.

Revenge Oil: Employed to right wrongs committed against oneself, this oil is similar to Black Arts Oil and may be sold under various names in some shops.

SPIDER QUEEN: If someone has needlessly complicated your life or thrown obstacles your way out of spite, this oil swiftly resolves the situation. Of all the potent oils in the New Orleans tradition, Spider Queen is the most insidious, weaving a seamless web of horror around an individual or group. When used defensively, it can resolve seemingly impossible situations, rendering enemies impotent. It creates such havoc for your adversary that they have no time to focus on you. Best used with black, purple, or orange candles.

Voodoo Oil: This Haitian crossing oil is employed to destroy an enemy's power. Write the foe's name nine times on parchment or brown paper that has never been cut with scissors. Anoint the paper with nine drops of Voodoo Oil. It can also be used to anoint charms and voodoo dolls, bringing success to magical endeavors.

Voodoo Night Oil: Used in spells cast during a full moon, Voodoo Night Oil can compel a man to become a woman's slave. Blended at midnight, it unites spirits with the energy of passion.

Weed of Misfortune Oil: Similar to Spider Queen in its effect, this hexing oil causes enemies to lose everything they own. While primarily offensive, it can also be used defensively against dangerous enemies, injecting devastation and disappointment into their lives. Use with black candles.

Witch Oil: Employed when seeking vengeance against someone.

XX Double Crossing Oil: Sprinkled across the path of an enemy to bring them bad luck and misfortune.

Zula Zula Oil: Used in spells designed for revenge or to bring harm or death to an enemy. Applied or sprinkled where enemies are sure to touch it, such as in a shoe or on a doorknob. Use with caution.

ZOMBI Oil: A hexing oil designed to render enemies harmless, working similarly to Spider Queen but with even more relentless effects. It can bring physical harm or grave illness to an enemy. Use with caution, as it may backfire if used offensively without expertise and good karma.

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